Sep 8, 2015

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8 Great Apps For Our Elders

8 Great Apps For Our Elders
Here are my picks for eight simple-to-download apps, costing no more than $ 9.99 each, that seniors, their families and our caregivers can use to enhance daily life (I also recommend one non-app — ThinOptics flexible, one-size-fits-all, shatterproof …
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5 Ways Technology Can Benefit Your Grandparents
Although millennials are largest users technology, it can be easy to overlook the opportunities computer and mobile devices have to help those 65 and over. Today, 60 percent of seniors are online, growing at more than six percent every year. As …
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Mobile Safety Products That Can Help Seniors on the Go
This pendent-style waterproof device, which fits in the palm of your hand, works like a cell phone with GPS tracking capabilities, and can be worn on a belt, around the neck or attached to a key chain. To call for help, your mom would push one button …
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