A look at the back to school cell phone offerings for kids

A look at the back to school cell phone offerings for kids
“One of the things I would think about is the cell phone coverage,” says Sanjay Khanna, senior analyst, mobile phones, at IDC Canada. “Different mobile providers have different dead zones. Parents should look at where they live and make sure the …
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How to authentically and effectively publish terms of service updates
For example, the use of SMS messages may be effective but many subscribers state that this encroachment on the “personal” environment of the mobile phone is intrusive. Email messages … the business. By Mike Tuttle, Senior Product Manager at Nominum …
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Apple Watch for the Teacher: Passing Notes 2015-Style
We weren't worried about mobile phones just a few short years ago; now most middle- and high school students have a mobile device, and many of them have a tablet, as well. Wearable devices like the Apple Watch are sure to make their way to student …
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