Allegra Design Web Print Announces New Mobile Website Conversion Services to Address Google Search Algorithm Update

Allegra Design Web Print Announces New Mobile Website Conversion Services To Address Google Search Algorithm Update
ST. LOUIS, Mo. (PRWEB) May 12, 2015

In response to the April roll-out of the latest Google search algorithm update for mobile websites, the design team at Allegra Design • Web • Print has announced a corresponding initiative to bring mobile-friendly website conversion services to traditional websites that are not yet mobile-ready. The Google algorithm update, which places an enhanced focus on mobile-friendly website rankings, will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and have a significant impact on search results.

Mobile website conversion has never been more essential, according to Allegra strategist and Vice President Bill Elder. In 2014, Google reported the number of mobile searches worldwide first exceeded the number of desktop searches, forever changing the dynamics of the Google search algorithm on mobile-friendly website page rankings.

“Businesses operating without a mobile-friendly website are already losing customers,” Elder says. “Mobile customers expect to engage with websites on their hand-held devices, and now is the time to make that happen.”

A Google funded study titled, “What Users Want Most from Mobile Sites Today” reported that 61 percent of mobile searchers quickly leave a mobile site if they can’t find what they want right away.

Allegra has extensive experience in building and converting responsive or mobile-friendly websites. Depending on the client’s need for server speed and cost, Allegra offers two options for mobile website conversion:

Option one is a low-cost, mobile standalone website that includes five customized web pages and a contact form, with a look and feel that mimics a traditional desktop website. Option two is a fully responsive website utilizing the WordPress content management system and includes a customized, five-page mobile website with a contact form, on-page SEO and Google Analytics. This option provides brand consistency with a look and feel based on the company's existing website. Also included are navigational site maps for search engine crawlers and users, an intuitive content management system for easy updates, and full testing for optimum rendering on multiple devices including desktops, tablets, iPhones and androids.

Allegra’s web design team helps businesses and organizations transition into mobile marketing seamlessly by formatting existing website content to scale. Smaller screens must prioritize information to accommodate only the most relevant content when a visitor lands on the page.

Allegra’s mobile-friendly websites automatically distinguish between desktop and mobile browsers, so every viewer gets an optimized screen. To access a free mobile analysis, visit the Allegra Services website to request a report.

To learn more, visit the website, email info(at)allegrastlouiswest(dot)com or call (314) 429-4848.

About Allegra Design • Web • Print:

Allegra is an independently owned and operated member of the Allegra Network, a marketing communication agency with over 300 locations throughout the U.S. and Canada generating more than $ 300 million in revenue. The St. Louis office is owned and led by President Jim Elder, a former professor of marketing and senior marketing executive, and Vice President Bill Elder.

Allegra has been helping small and medium-size businesses and non-profits reach their target audiences through specialized tools that take advantage of the new channels, technology and products available to marketers. Allegra offers award-winning design services, writing services, web development, social media marketing, and custom printing and mailing services.


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