Elder Care and Emergency Preparedness

Most of us really are not prepared for a natural disaster. Each time we see one in some other part of the world on our TV sets we say to ourselves; “Boy, I need to get prepared in case that happens here to me and my family,” and yet, how many of us actually do that? I mean really do that. The statistics do not lie, and the reality is less than 15% of the US population is really prepared for an emergency of that type. Worse, our most vulnerable segment, our seniors are not either.

If you consider the implications of this, then you can see what a disservice we are doing to ourselves, and our own families. Each family should have a plan, and that plan must include our elderly, who will need care when and where disaster strikes. There are many tools and services for senior folks such as;
Life Alert, but that may not be enough.

If you have elderly relatives, you need to make sure they have what they need, such as handy telephone numbers nearby, and simple things like lights that operate on batteries and transistor radios. Elderly people need to also have a neighbor come check on them after a disaster as they may not be able to turn off gas lines, water heaters, or other things if they smell a leak.

They may not be able to eat if they do not have an easy to use hand can-opener, as the electric one may not work if the electricity is off you see. They should have a one-month supply of any medicine they are taking. And in case of a personal injury or accident, they are going to need assistance after they are released from the hospital as an outpatient, perhaps needing some temporary in-home temporary care. Please look into this now, before disaster strikes.

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