Eldermark Leap-Frogs other Nurse Call and Communication Systems with Notify

Eldermark Leap-Frogs Other Nurse Call And Communication Systems With Notify

Eldermark's Notify

Eldermark Software shakes up the industry with its new mobile-based nurse call and communications software, Notify™, for the senior care sector. As an innovator of senior care software products, Eldermark is on the forefront of helping senior housing facilities to become more efficient and offer residents better care.

This next-generation interactive system handles all communications on the floor, replacing paper, cell phones, pagers, and walkie talkies with a single powerful device. It works offline or online, with Apple®, Microsoft® and Android™ devices and integrates with Eldermark’s other innovative software products.

Ginni Ryan, Executive Director of Courtyard Towers in Mesa, Arizona swears by the new nurse call software, “Before Notify, we didn’t have accurate reporting or monitoring of response calls. We had no way to match reality with the residents’ or families’ perception of service. Now we have the real-time data and accountability we need to properly assess the level of care necessary, staff appropriately, and better manage our response times.”

When a nurse call occurs, all responsible caregivers receive an audible page, even if the device is off, and the status of all pages within a caregiver's zone are available at-a-glance. Facility managers can assess individual and facility performance as well as create data helpful in clinical monitoring and resident/family communication. All data is saved, backed up to the cloud, and immediately available.

“This is an important product for us,” commented Craig Patnode. “As we continue to move the industry toward a common database of virtual personal health records, the data from Notify will help complete the resident’s record.”

This first release of the Notify product features real-time service confirmation that links to billing; captures unscheduled services electronically; has private and group text messaging and voice; works with many existing pull cord systems; offers robust reporting and cloud backup, and produces audible pages even when a device is off.

About Eldermark Software (

Since 1988, Eldermark is the only company that has been building software products designed specifically to meet the needs of the senior care industry. Its fully integrated platform and 24/7 customer care enables customers to focus on providing residents superior care and on improving their living experience.

The company’s seven integrated, modular products include Clinical, Billing, Marketing, Risk Management, EMAR Direct Connect, Point of Care, and Notify. Together, these automate and streamline clinical reporting and billing, facility occupancy management, clinical operations auditing and risk mitigation, medication administration documentation, resident care tracking, and nurse call and communications.

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