GO Devices Inc. Introduces GOkey, a Mobile Battery, Cable, Locator and Memory, for Your Key Ring

GO Devices Inc. Introduces GOkey, A Mobile Battery, Cable, Locator And Memory, For Your Key Ring
San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) May 06, 2014

GOkey, a small device that fits easily on a key ring and charges smartphones on the go, has officially launched its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. GOkey is many things; it is capable of charging Apple or Android devices for up to two hours, acts as a USB charging or syncing cable, uses Bluetooth technology to help locate a lost phone or lost keys and stores either 8, 16 or 32 GB of flash memory.

“How many times have you been away from a charger and in need of power for your useless, dead phone,” said GOkey founder Doros Kyriakoulis. “More and more devices are available to help with this growing problem, but most of them are bulky or need separate messy cables and people forget to charge them or take them on the go. GOkey fits easily on a key ring among keys, so users won’t even notice it, and GOkey goes with users wherever they may go.”

GOkey was constructed with versatility in mind, so the device is multi-functional and user friendly. It comes with either a lightning cable to charge the iPhone 5/5S/5C or with a Micro USB cable to charge Android or Windows phones. When a user is running low on battery, all they need to do is plug GOkey into their phone and talk or text as they normally would. The battery will provide roughly two hours of backup charge for an iPhone 5.

Doros calls GOkey a “worthy key ring companion” because, in addition to charging mobile devices when users need it most, it connects to a phone via Bluetooth to help users locate lost phones and keys within a 100-foot radius. If a user misplaces his or her keys, the GOkey mobile app will display the signal strength from GOkey, and the signal will get stronger as the user gets closer. Once the user gets close enough to their keys, they can simply press a button in the app that will make GOkey ring to quickly find them. If a user misplaces a phone, they can also make the phone ring by simply pressing a button on GOkey.

For those who are interested in ditching an old USB drive, GOkey also plugs straight into a laptop and holds videos, pictures, music and other files. Depending on which size GOkey is purchased, the device can hold up to 32 GB of memory. GOkey’s memory even has a safe area that’s accessible with a password; it uses a 128 bit encryption for maximum security.

GOkey is now available to the public for pre-order at Early bird pricing starts at $ 39, $ 49 and $ 59 respectively for the 8GB, 16GB and 32GB GOkey. After these specials run out, pricing goes up to $ 59, $ 69 and $ 79. Multiple and bulk orders are also available in larger quantities for those interested. Supporters can participate in GOkey’s referral program by sharing a unique campaign link and receiving a $ 10 discount for each friend referred, making it possible to get GOkey completely free.

The team headed to Indiegogo in order to raise the funds necessary to manufacture the very first run of GOkey, and to also have the crowd engage and determine GOkeys final version. Contributors can expect their GOkey to be delivered in January of 2015. To stay up to date with the campaign, Like GOkey on Facebook.

ABOUT GO Devices Inc.

GO Devices Inc. began in 2013 when founder Doros Kyriakoulis recognized the need for a better way to charge mobile devices while on the go. With so many gadgets for smartphones and smart watches, Doros felt there was need to make a smarter charger that would go on a key ring for unprecedented convenience. For more information about GOkey, visit

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