Help for Abilene area elderly, disabled a phone call away

Help for Abilene area elderly, disabled a phone call away
The elderly and disabled in the Big Country now have a new tool by the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services — a phone number to allow Medicare or Medicaid covered citizens sign up for eligible services.
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Sick wife moved closer to home after 90-year-old Harry's 30-mile daily trip
“They were employing kids who don't have the experience to deal with ill elderly people.” Owners of the home said the decision to close was because they were unable to recruit suitable nurses. … Mr Butterworth spent hours on the phone trying …
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Cold call parasites who profit from our fear of crime
… happened to be in the area, to buy an alarm system or home insurance. When community radio station Harborough FM reported the calls 200 listeners contacted them, many of them elderly who were distressed and baffled as to why they had been phoned.

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