How To Find The Best Big Button Phone

Many seniors especially those who have disabilities have been benefited with the use of big button phone. The features and functions of the big button phone are perfect for those who at this time in their lives want to be comfortable in terms of usage.

For instance the large buttons is the answer to the problem of frequently mistyping numbers which happens when you use the regular phone. This type of phones for the hard of hearing also has extra loud ringers that signal incoming calls along with visual warnings in case the senior can't hear the phone ringing at least he or she can see lights flashing.

This phone is definitely the best choice for those seniors who have problems with eyesight or those whose fingers and hands are afflicted with arthritis or rheumatism. The thing is buying this type of phone is like choosing a new pair of footwear.

Since the time when phone companies responded to the challenge of providing seniors who have special needs a phone that is loaded with features that allows them to communicate with whomever they wish in an easy manner and thus there are a lot of models that have come out. This in turn has made seniors feel confusion when it comes to choosing which phone brand and which model to buy.

Aside from large buttons there are other features that your phone should have and here are tips that should help the would-be big button phone buyer in making the best choice.

What features?

Tone Adjustment: This is an important feature to those who have problems hearing pitch. If a senior has this kind of problem, he may be able to hear sounds but is unable to decipher what those sounds actually mean because he can hear the subtleties of pitch.

Some speakers do have a naturally soft voice and this is a problem to those who are hard of hearing.

Large Screen With Large Fonts: This is a great feature to have if you're one of those seniors who have problems with eyesight and reading minuscule text on regular phones.

Volume Control: This is another function that the big button phone you will choose to buy must have and this applies not only to incoming call volume adjustment but that the ringer can also be adjusted to a level that is loud enough for the user.

Visual Indicators: This feature was put there so that seniors who were not able to hear the phone ring will realize it is indeed ringing due to large flashing lights that are present in these phones.

Quick Dial Function: If the senior is suffering from a long term illness he should be able to call family or dial emergency numbers with just one push of a button.

Where to buy?

The big button phone is available in local phone shops and there also a lot of them sold over the Internet. Amazon and eBay has a lot and best of all they are listed not only with descriptions and price but also testimonials which is also a big factor that helps you in coming up with the right choice.

The benefits of Phones For Hard Of Hearing are truly amazing surely you should buy your own now and see for yourself how this phone will transform your communication life. For more information, read up more on Big Button Phones and mobile phones for the elderly by clicking on the link.

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