Mailigen Announces Partnership with Touchstone and Offers Subject Line Advisor – a Unique Testing and Prediction Tool

Mailigen Announces Partnership With Touchstone And Offers Subject Line Advisor - A Unique Testing And Prediction Tool
(PRWEB) March 12, 2015

In response to customer demand for more in-depth analysis tools, one of Europe's leading integrated service providers, Mailigen, has partnered with Alchemy Worx to integrate an innovative email marketing feature: Subject Line Advisor, powered by Touchstone. The new feature is an email subject line testing tool that instantly predicts the open, click and delivery rate of email campaigns prior to being sent.

Subject Line Advisor’s predictions are based on an analysis of the performance of all your previous campaigns. The expanding database is composed of emails sent by many of the largest brands in both the US and UK; the database currently holds over 85 000 unique email campaigns with a send volume of 21.6 billion. This means that over 21 billion email results are taken into account each time email subject lines are tested using Subject Line Advisor, providing a 93.33% result accuracy rate.* Integrated into the Mailigen email marketing platform, the results delivered by Touchstone solution are truly global in scale.

According to Dela Quist, CEO of Alchemy Worx, which designed Touchstone, the email subject line is the most significant variable affecting the response rate of email campaigns, but that the reason so few people A/B test regularly is simple: it takes too long to receive the results. Quist goes on to say that when it comes to A/B testing, his company's collaboration will provide Mailigen customers with a significant advantage over their competitors.

In accordance with a recent survey, 40% of email marketers stated that email subject line testing had a high impact on their return on investments.** The perfect email subject line has always been a matter of interest to marketers. According to Mailigen customer data from 2014, 82% of all A/B split tests are email subject line tests. Only 18% of tests are conducted on sender names, email content and sending time.***

“Being aware of our customer interest in creating engaging email subject lines and increasing their email open rates, we took it a step further and brought subject line testing to the next level. Through this partnership, instead of comparing the results of two email subject lines over a couple of days by running an A/B split test, our clients can now compare countless subject line versions and choose the best email subject line for their industry in just a few seconds before they hit send. Email subject line testing the old way with an A/B split test takes more than eight hours for every email campaign, whereas testing with Subject Line Advisor takes about an hour and a half, thus saving you six and a half hours for every email campaign,” stated Janis Rose, CEO at Mailigen.

Conducting email validation prior to sending campaigns was one of the most discussed topics at the Email Evolution 2015 conference held in Miami, in the US, in February 2015. Mailigen's partnership initiative with Alchemy Worx was born out of this conference and the new product was launched within a month, in March 2015. Mailigen's priority has always been to bring together people, technology and innovation in order to grow email marketing return on investments. At the start of 2015, Mailigen also launched a multi-user account to help marketing teams collaborate more effectively. This year, Mailigen will also be launching responsive online surveys and other innovative features.

About Mailigen is one of the world's leading web-based email and integrated marketing platforms for any size business or organization, as well as for individual users. Mailigen offers email, mobile and social media marketing to customers in more than 100 countries worldwide. For more information, please visit

About Alchemy Worx

Established in 2001, Alchemy Worx is the world’s largest email marketing agency. It uses hyper-specialization to deliver email programs faster and more cost effectively. Alchemy Worx provides strategy, planning, design, copywriting, production, testing, reporting and analysis of email campaigns to a host of big-name clients. These include Hilton, Expedia, and Charles Tyrwhitt. To find out more, please visit


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*** Source: Mailigen customer data from 2014

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