MegCares Transforms the Concept of Alert Systems for Seniors Aging in Place

MegCares Transforms The Concept Of Alert Systems For Seniors Aging In Place
Potomac, Maryland (PRWEB) May 01, 2015

MegCares – – is a new alert system for independent seniors who want to age in their own homes alone, and whose families want the peace of mind of knowing that they are okay without intrusive check-ins, wearable alert system devices, cameras, or other invasive gadgets. Designed to respect privacy, MegCares uses wireless motion detectors and sensors which are placed in strategic locations in the home, such as hallways, the kitchen, and outside the bedroom and bathroom. Sensors’ data show motion of the person living alone and it’s transmitted to a secure server where it’s logged and analyzed. Loved ones can check on the activity of their Mom or Dad from the Web or a smartphone at any time – day or night. MegCares offers several benefits other alert systems do not, such as:

Loved ones can receive alerts if there’s no activity during user-defined periods of time. For example, by 9 am or after periods of prolonged inactivity. It also will let loved ones know if the last activity was from the front door contact, indicating that the senior may have left the home.

Absolutely no wearables or cameras to invade a senior’s privacy.

Nothing needs to be recharged.

All motion sensors are small, wireless, battery powered and quick and easy to install.

A small contact sensor can be placed on a medicine cabinet door that compares the med schedule to the door opening – and can send an alert if the medicine cabinet is not opened.

Comes with an easy-to-use SmartFrame tablet that is connected to the Internet to notify Mom or Dad of medication times, remind them of birthdays or events, and keeps them connected to family members.

The SmartFrame displays pictures (uploaded remotely from the Internet), messages from a son or daughter – or even the weather and news.

Reports of daily trends can be emailed to family members or viewed online or on a smartphone.Before any alert is sent, Mom or Dad receives a phone call, allowing them to easily cancel the alert if they are ok.

A customizable protocol that looks for potential falls in the bathroom. For example, if a person is in the bathroom more than 30 minutes – without movement – an alert will be sent to a loved one.

“I developed the MegCares system after my Mom passed away and my Dad started living alone,” said MegCares Founder and CEO Jordan Fainberg. “I worried about my Dad and called him frequently, but he felt like I was treating him like a child. He also refused to have anything that resembled ‘spy gear’ placed in his home, but he was open to the concept of motion and door sensors because they were small and not intrusive. My Dad was my inspiration to launch MegCares.” Visit MegCares’ Kickstarter project – – to pre-order the MegCares alert system for seniors living alone. All support received via Kickstarter will assist with MegCares’ sensor production and testing as well as mobile application development.

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Jordan Fainberg, MegCares CEO & Founder

Tel. 301.370.0006

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