Old Mobile Phones: Unfashionable But Suitable

Maybe you have heard of such a saying: what you get may be not the best, but must be the most suitable for you. As time goes by, this saying suits just exactly our daily lives. Mobile phones, which have become extension of human bodies and parts of modern society, can be a good example for that saying.

As techonology and production advance, birkin have become one kind of average consumer goods for nearly everyone in modern society. Theyre not only devices for connecting people, but also symbols of statues and personalities. They show whether a person is smart or not, or something like that. As a result, most people pay much attention to them, purchase the newest type of phones, and change immediately when the more advanced appear. But at the same time, therere always some people who have different attitude. They keep using their old phones, their old-fashioned, heavy, cumbersome phones, no matter how fashionable and attractive the new phones are.

Attitude makes difference. So, one important reason for people keeping old phones is thrift. They are not short of money., maybe theyre even very rich. But being frugal is just the way they live, some kind of self-consciousness. Thats not cheap, instead, thrift is a kind of virtue, its adorable, especially in such circumstance.

Another reason for keeping old phones is sentimental value. To some people mobile phone means more than just money and fashion. Maybe its a gift from parents, best friends, lovers, or others who you treasure, keeping the phone is just like keeping in touch with them, and change the phone seems like losing them at the same time. For people who value sentiment intently, that would be very serious loss. Their phones maybe out-dated, nonetheless they are the kind of people who are more reliable than others.

Indeed, mobile phones show our personalities, but some of them, like the unfashionable ones, not always present full or dull impressions of people. The key is, your phone just suits you fine.

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