Senior Cell Phones Make Staying In Touch With Elderly Parents Easy

New senior cell phones are made for a generation that may still use a rotary phone at home. These big button cell phones are designed for people who are suffering from loss of vision, poor eyesight or even loss of dexterity. The big buttons on senior phones have large text and even have the option of saying the number when it is depressed, so the user knows theyve hit the right key.

While smart phones are getting more and more complicated, it is nice to know that a simple easy to use senior phone is still an option. Senior phones offer no web access, no weather and no video chatting. What a senior phone does offer is big easy to see buttons, an SOS button for emergencies, large easy to read text and yes you can text with your big button cell phone.

The SOS function on a senior phone is one you hope will never but used, but could mean life or death in a worst case scenario. The large red button on the back of a senior phone is easy to find and use, but also difficult to hit by mistake. With this built in safety feature, you can rest a little easier that your elderly parent has an easy way to call for help in an emergency.

Big button cell phones are so easy to use that they are sometimes purchased by people who work outdoors in cold weather climates. With a big button cell phone the user doesnt have to remove their gloves when dialing. And for someone suffering from loss of motor functions, a big button cell phone can give them back a sense of freedom that normal cell phones cannot provide.

Many cell phones are difficult to hear. Senior phones are amplified cell phones. A loss of hearing is very common with aging and a reluctance to use a cell phone may stem from that difficulty hearing what the person on the other end is saying. With a senior phone you have the option to turn the volume way up beyond what an iPhone or typical cell phone might be able to do. An with the senior citizen in mind, the phone works well with hearing aids. No feedback.

Most senior phones are purchased as gifts for parents, in-laws, or relatives that arent enjoying the use of their cell phone anymore or have given up completely on using a cell phone. The big button cell phone, senior phone, amplified phone, whatever you call it, is a great gift to give freedom back to someone you love.

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