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In an age of smart phones, 4G networks, androids and a universe of multitasking options, there is still a need and use for the basic mobile phone. The simple mobile phone, with big buttons provides easy dialling and display functions for those who don't need any of latest features of the latest mobile communication devices. Many continue to use mobile phones simply as a backup means of communication, or part-time device in case of emergencies.

There are two main groups who will benefit from the simplified button display and payment plans of the simple mobile phone. Senior citizens, as they rarely have need for internet or other advanced functions. And young teens, whose parents may provide them with a starter phone on a prepaid “pay-as-you-go” plan to get them familiar with paying for their own minutes.

There are three simple functions that all simple mobile phones can do:

• Making and receiving calls

There are many obvious benefits to being able to speak to someone when they are away from a landline phone. With a mobile phone you can make and receive phone calls wherever you are. However you must be to get a ‘signal', if you are not near a telephone transmitter you may be unable to make or receive a call. Signal strength and availability is usually stronger in areas of high population, so you may find it difficult to get a signal in rural and remote areas. You can simply receive a call by pressing a button, usually green. To make a call you either need to dial the number and press the call button, or select a number from a list stored on the phone. To end a call simply press an ‘end call' button, usually red.

• Sending and receiving a text

Another simple function a senior or first time user may want from a simple mobile phone is the ability to make or receive text messages. Receiving a text is automatic, when you receive a text message you will be alerted and given an option to read it by pressing a button. If you want to read the message later then you can select the ‘messages' option from the phone menu and browse the ‘inbox'. Clearer details on how to navigate the phone's menus can be found in the product instructions. To send a text message, you have to find the letters on the phone buttons. Then for each letter you have to tap the button to select the letter. For example, to type the letter ‘b' you would have to press the button with ‘abc' on it twice. Again for more detailed instructions refer to the product manual.

• Receive a Voice mail Message

Most simple mobile phones have voice mail capability, in order to allow users to listen to and return calls that they have missed. To access your voice messages, just follow the prompts on the display, or go to the options menu and open the voice mail selection or icon in order to check for messages. Some mobile phone networks have a simple three digit number you can dial to check your messages. Once dialled you will be guided through various option menus that will allow you to listen, save, reply or delete the message.

Simple and big button mobile phones are great for people who want the basic functions of a mobile phone, without all the complications of extra features and technologies.

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